The Casper Suite Spring 2016 Release has arrived

Read how the new Casper Suite 9.9 capabilities make it easier than ever to enroll, deploy, and secure Apple devices.

March 31 2016 by

Jen Kaplan

Read how the new features of Casper Suite 9.9 help schools and businesses do more with Apple.

iOS 9.3 is here and we're excited to introduce several features in the Casper Suite Spring 2016 release that unlock new enterprise and education functionality, such as home screen layout and Apple’s new Classroom app. The latest version of the Casper Suite goes beyond support for iOS 9.3, offering new iPhone, iPad, and Mac management features. Check out the Casper Suite 9.9 capabilities that make it easier than ever to enroll, deploy, and secure Apple devices.

Strengthen your iOS security with Lost Mode
Even the most responsible end user can lose an iPhone or iPad, or even worse, become a target for theft. With the new Lost Mode mobile device management (MDM) command, improve the chances of recovering lost or stolen devices by remotely locking the device and collecting its location—all without compromising employee or student privacy. When Lost Mode is activated, the iOS device receives a customized lock screen message, is disabled from use, and sends its location to IT.

A personalized experience for every user with home screen layout
The best end user experience starts with giving users the tools they need, when they need them. Whether your users are tech savvy engineers, first grade students, or field sales reps, new iOS configuration profiles in the Casper Suite enable far greater customization of iPads based on individual needs. Arrange apps on the home screen, show or hide apps (even native apps!), and disable distracting notifications on a per-app basis. By deploying devices with only the necessary apps—laid out exactly how the user needs it—you can create a truly personalized experience for employees and students.

Enhancing OS X zero-touch deployment with more pre-stage enrollment options
Organizations now have more control over the zero-touch enrollment experience with the ability to manage account type creation by users and ensure security compliance during enrollment. Restrict local admin account creation, enforce a password policy, or bind Macs to a directory service during the OS X Setup Assistant with the Casper Suite and Apple's deployment programs.

Bring new education tools to your school
With iOS 9.3 comes a suite of powerful new education tools for schools, teachers, and students. Pairing the Casper Suite with iPad and iOS 9.3 provides schools with an easy to implement, easy to manage path to academic success through individualized learning.

Keeping students engaged in the classroom can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Apple's Classroom app allows teachers to better engage students, keep them focused, and maximize instruction time. Create classes with teachers and students in the Casper Suite, then deploy the Classroom app directly to iPads or make it available in Self Service.

The Casper Suite enables 1:1 iPad or Shared iPad to deliver a personalized experience for every student, regardless of your school's deployment model. Schools using Apple School Manager (currently in preview) can enroll Shared iPads in the Casper Suite, create groups, and distribute apps and content. From textbooks, to apps, to notes, students can log in to Shared iPads with their Managed Apple IDs from Apple School Manager to access everything they need.

Ready to take advantage?
The Casper Suite Spring 2016 Release is already available to JAMF Software customers. Get your upgrade here.

New to the Casper Suite?
Many of the new features in iOS 9.3—such as Classroom app and Lost Mode—require your iOS devices be supervised and managed by an MDM server like the Casper Suite. Start here with a product demo to see what the Casper Suite can do or request a personalized demo from one of our product experts.

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