Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s workplaces with Mac

Preparing today's students for tomorrow's workplaces should include Mac.

June 12 2019 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

The World Economic Forum warns universities and colleges that they will need to adapt in order to prepare students for work in our increasingly tech-heavy global marketplace. Part of preparing students includes arming them with the tools they need to be most productive and creative. A recent study revealed one way to help new graduates shine: ensure they are adept with Mac.

Jamf commissioned this study from Vanson Bourne, a third-party research firm, which conducted a survey on current college and university students to discover the extent to which computer choices influenced their productivity and preparedness for the work world ahead.

Students across multiple areas of study provided insight regarding computer brand choice — and what they expect to encounter as they enter the workforce. In this ebook, we reveal current computer use trends among students, the extent to which they feel Mac computers suited to their needs, and how these trends and preferences can prepare them today to be a sought-after job candidate tomorrow.

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The next generation workforce must be tech savvy

More organizations than ever are offering technology options to employees in the form of a choice program, and the clear choice for those who value productivity and reliability is Mac.

Students see organizations that offer Mac as more modern and desirable places of employment, and expect their higher education institution to prepare them for such employers.

Expectations meet demand

Most students want to use a Mac. More than half of all survey participants believe Mac delivers better value, and 71 percent of students would prefer a Mac if given the opportunity. They believe that Mac helps keep them more productive and creative, and they are already familiar with other Apple devices.

Why do they prefer Mac?

While Mac owners cited numerous reasons they preferred their computers such as ease of use, reliability, and better synchronization with their other devices, the dominant driver for PC users was one factor only: price.

Tablet use in higher education

As 94% of higher education institutions say they use iPad to enhance learning, and forward-thinking schools have begun providing each student with an iPad to improve outcomes, schools wishing an edge in recruitment and job placement numbers must be ready for these students — who, already familiar with other Apple devices, need tools that can sync together for maximum productivity.

Preparing for modern employers: modern talent needs modern tools

As more than half of enterprise organizations (52%) now offer their employees the ability to choose what type of computer they use at work and 72% choose Mac, students already familiar with Apple products will be better prepared for these choices.

Download the white paper today to learn more about:

  • Which students believe Mac will be necessary in their chosen field
  • The importance of familiarity in choosing tools for productivity
  • The digital divide in the global economy

Download our white paper for the details.

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