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A toolkit for Jamf admins
September 27, 2022 by Hannah Hamilton

A toolkit for Jamf admins

Rocketman's Owner, Christopher Schasse, and Chad Lawson, DevOps Engineer, present Rocketman’s new tool for Jamf admins: The Jamf Toolkit.

Each year brings new challenges for IT admins. Issues like Wi-Fi connection trouble, password resets or setting administrative privileges become more complicated when employees start working away from the office - and the IT department. Each new operating system also requires IT to adapt to any changes. While you can try looking for answers on search engines, too often the solutions provide information that is outdated, or which doesn’t quite apply to your device management procedures.

Rocketman strives to “help organizations succeed with Jamf” by providing admins with straightforward solutions to their Jamf workflows and implementations.

A toolkit for Jamf admins

Rocketman started by using Jamf scripting to create a customized, unique solution for each client. Over time, it became apparent that by tweaking the scripts, it was possible to make these scripts universal for many different use cases. These universal scripts rely on the API and heavily leverage Jamf parameters to drive the script functionality. Rocketman went further to develop tools that feature a one-click integration directly into Jamf.

The repository of these scripts, expert support and easy-to-follow instructions form the Jamf Toolkit. The toolkit includes a number of supported tools, including:

  • Jamf server map
  • Temporary admin tool
  • DEP notify starter script
  • Migration workflow

In this JNUC session, Schasse shows how to access the toolkit and dives into the temporary admin tool. The presentation demonstrates how the tool works, lists the parameters and how to configure them, and includes Jamf Pro deployment instructions.

Lawson then demonstrates what the temporary admin tool does in Jamf Pro, showing how to use the auto-deploy tool for easy use. The auto-deploy tools allows devices to get up and running with just a few simple clicks.

Lawson also shows the updated version of the Jamf server map. This map helps clean up your Jamf server by listing objects that are unscoped or disabled and not in the deprecation category, which can be selected to deprecate or delete. This map looks at:

  • Policies
  • Configuration profiles
  • Packages
  • Scripts
  • Computer groups

There is also the option to delete any items that are already deprecated.

Learn more about the Jamf Toolkit by watching the JNUC session or checking out Rocketman’s website.

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Hannah Hamilton, Copywriter.
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