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Rich Trouton discusses FileVault 2 disk encryption management with the Casper Suite - 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Understand FileVault 2 and Manage Disk Encryption with the Casper Suite

There were major ch-ch-ch-changes and exciting encryption solutions in FileVault 2 with the latest version of OS X. That was the subject for speaker Rich Trouton, a Macintosh systems administrator for medical research institute, HHMI. During his illuminating presentation we discovered how FileVault 2 can be automated to protect the whole boot volume, whereas in previous versions, it primarily protected a single account's home folder. Big improvement.

We went through the steps of how to use the recover key to reset an account password, the basics of decryption changes, how to prepare and deploy a FileVault Master.keychain and the problem-solving power of fdesetup.

What we loved most was how the Casper Suite beautifully manages a FileVault 2 enterprise deployment.

File that under lessons learned about the complete revamping of FileVault 2.

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