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July 27, 2021 by Justin Clark

What is Title Editor?

What is Jamf's Title Editor? Built on the Kinobi technology, create and maintain your own titles with Jamf's Title Editor, located in the Patch Management feature area of your Jamf Pro environment.

We are pleased to announce the release of Title Editor. Built on the Kinobi technology from the Mondada acquisition, Title Editor provides a Jamf cloud-hosted and supported patch server that can be made available as an external patch source in the Patch Management feature area of your Jamf Pro environment.

Over the last few months, we have continued to expand the list of software titles that are included in the Jamf App Catalog. We are happy to report that as of today there are over 800 titles available in the feed and this number continues to grow each week. We are continuing to listen to our Jamf Nation members and have been able to fulfill over 70 title addition requests from the community with our expanded list. Whilst the list of titles available will continue to grow, there may be a requirement for a Jamf Pro admin to create and maintain their own titles or to potentially customise some of the information that is contained in the Jamf provided definitions.

Previously this would have meant installing tools on your own infrastructure such as Kinobi Open Source or Bryson Tyrrell’s PatchServer project, alternatively, you could have used Kinobi Cloud or CommunityPatch if you didn’t want to maintain your own server. From today, there is no longer a need to rely on third-party tools to create or maintain your own definitions.

With Title Editor an admin can create and maintain their own software titles. This might be used for an internal, organisation-developed software title, or it could include titles that are not available in the main Jamf Pro patch feed. As an example, titles such as Zscaler, Carbon Black and Cisco AnyConnect are locked behind customer portals and new version information is not publicly available. Whilst this might preclude these titles from being included in the feed from Jamf, admins can now use Title Editor to include these titles for use in Patch Management.

We know that some customers may prefer, or require, additional customizations to the criteria of a patch definition provided by Jamf. Title Editor provides a mechanism to adjust these values. These could include :

  • Kill Apps - to include additional, IT-defined applications that should be quit in tandem with the core software title application(s).
  • Reboot - for when a reboot may be set using another Jamf Pro workflow (e.g. Policy).
  • Current Version - an organisation may not want to automatically roll out the latest version of a title. Adjusting this value lets an admin set a hard ‘ceiling’ version to ensure that Patch Management does not upgrade an endpoint Mac until IT has completed the required testing of that version.

Another key feature of Title Editor is its extensive API which will enable an admin to create custom workflows and integrations with other tools such as AutoPKG and Patchbot. Nearly all of the functionality that can be accessed from the GUI can also be completed via the API. The documentation for the API is built in to your Title Editor instance and can either be accessed by clicking on the API link in the ‘About Title Editor’ page or from the /API path of your Title Editor instance URL.

Title Editor is available as part of the Jamf Pro 10.31 release and can be provisioned within the Patch Management settings of Jamf Pro.

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Justin Clark
Justin Clark, a founder of Mondada, is a director of product strategy in our Melbourne office.
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