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What’s New in Jamf Pro

We are excited to introduce a number of new enhancements to Jamf Pro that will improve your management workflows and enhance day-to-day life including better policy deferral, continued restyling of the user interface and more.

Policy enhancements

Unique to macOS management with Jamf Pro, policies go beyond the basic device management capabilities of Configuration Profiles and help you install software and printers, manage local user accounts and conduct advanced management workflows. We are enhancing policies with an improved deferral workflow. With new policy deferral options, admins can set deferral limits for a certain number of days instead of tying deadlines to a specific date on the calendar.

To check out the new deferral option, head to the Policies menu.

  1. Start by editing an existing policy or creating one from scratch
  2. Click User Interaction.
  3. You’ll see a new Deferral Type drop-down menu where you can now select Duration to set a number of days before deferral is enforced.

We know this was a highly-requested feature on Jamf Nation, so we can’t wait to hear how you put this to use in your environment!

User interface restyling

We know that the best device management is only possible through a modern and streamlined user interface. That is why we have continued to invest in updating the Jamf Pro interface, following other additions earlier this year.

You’ll see dramatic improvement to the clarity of menu elements – like buttons and icons – that make configuration and management a bit more frictionless and enjoyable. The screenshot below highlights the new look and feel you will encounter with this update, specifically in the Configuration Profiles menu.

EDU Profile updates

While the school year has taken unprecedented turns this year, we have continued to build on our support for education institutions in a number of ways, most recently with improved architecture for EDU Profiles. This work will deliver better stability and more consistent management behavior when teachers need it most: when they are managing student devices during class.

When students return to classrooms in the future, these changes will be ready and waiting to make the classroom experience better than ever with new and improved EDU Profiles.

In addition to these three highlights, we shipped a number of other enhancements and updates that you can read out in our release notes.

All of these improvements are a part of Jamf Pro 10.21 which is generally available today. Click here to see the global cloud upgrade schedule or here for help identifying your cloud region.

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