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October 23, 2018 by Kerry Fortman

Your Apple device refresh, done right

Diamond Assets explains four simple steps for getting the most trade-in value for your old Apple devices.

Refreshing your technology can be daunting. First, you have to research trading in your older devices. When is the best time to trade them in? Which devices retain the highest value? Then, you have to actually prepare and implement the refresh. Where to begin?

In today’s session, representatives from the Milton School District and JNUC sponsor Diamond Assets presented on how to perfect the Apple refresh. Vicki Lyons, Chief Alliance Officer at Diamond Assets, was a technology director for over 25 years in a Wisconsin school district and led the implementation of end-user self-services for Apple 1-to-1 for all staff and grades 4-12. Lyons is joined by Tim Schigu, the superintendent of the Milton School District, and the person responsible for their digital learning vision to implement a 1-to-1 iPad program at the middle school. Using a sustainable funding model for lifecycle devices, the district has refreshed its entire digital device deployment on a very constrained budget.

Lyons started off with an introduction to Diamond Assets. Diamond Assets serve clients in K-12, higher education, enterprise and government. They hold their mission of leveling the digital playing field close to heart, with Lyons saying, “We all have a responsibility to our communities for upholding equity. Partially updated technology can result in uneven user experiences, and a variety of devices can result in inconsistent management and training.”

Lyons then jumped into the Diamond Assets Advantage℠. Which is a four step process to ensure their clients have an honest and transparent experience from beginning to end. The Diamond Assets Advantage includes:

Step 1: Valuedetermining the initial value and amount of devices.
Step 2: Recoverpicking up all devices from a determined location.
Step 3: Auditgrading and evaluating each device and determining individual value based on a rubric.
Step 4: Paymentfinalizing payment delivery details.

Next, it was time to see the Diamond Assets Advantage℠ in action. Schigur explained how the Diamond Assets relationship empowered an annual 1-to-1 program for over 3,500 students for Milton School District — for only $640,000. This initiative, born from the desire of staff, was the vehicle they needed to promote digital learning amongst students.

What’s next for Milton School District? Schigur wants other leaders to know they too can create 1-to-1 programs that ensure their staff, students or employees are using Apple devices that meet their needs. “First, develop a vision that holds your purpose central. Map out the needs of your end users and set expectations. Don’t forget to provide personal development for staff and, most importantly, encourage personal ownership by students.”

Earlier this year, Jamf collaborated on an e-book explaining the trade-in process and what your organization can expect as a return on your investment when you sell your Apple devices.

Kerry Fortman
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