Culture Amp

Culture Amp, an organization that helps more than 1,400 companies measure employee engagement, has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. While incredibly exciting, such an expansion left their IT team looking for better and more efficient ways to deploy and manage the increased number of Apple devices their employees needed.

“We didn’t have a device configuration or management process in place for our growing fleet of Apple devices,” said James Smith, Culture Amp IT administrator. “Rather, when a new staff member joined the company, we handed them a Mac along with a document that provided some guidelines on how to set it up."

Certainly not a sustainable model for an organization looking to scale.

Read Culture Amp's incredible story of going from no device management to the gold standard. You’ll learn how:

  • A two-hour, manual deployment process turned into 15 minutes (or less)
  • Devices remain secure through automated patching and software updates
  • IT inefficiencies were identified and quickly addressed