Landor Associates

Becoming one Landor

Landor Associates is an internationally recognized branding and design firm, and they were looking for a solution as innovative, progressive, and dynamic as the brands they deliver. Specifically, they were looking at better ways to share resources around the world across all creative and non-creative disciplines.

“We thought, why not technology as well?” said Technology Services Manager Phil Lauer. “The other two managers in North America and I got together, thinking if we could share resources it would end up saving us a lot of money and a lot of time. So far, that’s really proven to be true.”

Jamf Pro has proven to be a perfect fit with this endeavor.

“Now, we just share one JSS server. It fits very nicely into our initiative to become one Landor,” said Phil. “Even though we had a lot of time-saving automation, it was all piecemeal. We had to go here and there and everywhere to do what Jamf Pro was doing pretty much out of the box. It’s very elegant in its design and very efficient in the way that we use it.”

Efficient, approachable, collaborative

Efficiency has proven to be a great benefit to having Jamf Pro installed.

“It used to take us literally days to configure a system,” Lani said. “With Jamf Pro we’re able to have a system up and ready to go in a couple of hours.”

“One of the greatest features is the task management integration with Apple Software Update,” said Rich Dagel, Senior Technology Specialist. “I don’t have to worry about every machine having every security update.”

“Before this, Apple Software Update would run, people would install it, and then it would break Rosetta,” Phil said. “Then they would call the help desk, it would create a ticket, and somebody would have to fix their machine. Now that doesn’t happen.”

Phil also enjoys how much less time it takes him to run the reports he needs.

“Before we had Jamf Pro, I was spending a good day just doing reports,” he said. “Now my reports take less than an hour. And with Version 5, I’m going to be able to run more granular, detailed, and accurate reports, in even less time.”

Senior Technology Manager James Grabowski has also found the reporting to be extremely helpful in responding to auditors.

“Now that we have one database for all of North America, if an auditor needs a quick report for the whole of Landor North America, we can provide them with that snapshot, coded by city,” said James. “It’s a great tool for software compliance.”

Phil and Rich credit the Jamf team with listening to clients when developing the software.

“It was just six months ago that we were talking about this stuff, and here it is in the new version. Amazing—a software company that not only listens, they act on our collaborations,” said Phil.

Rich agreed, adding, “Everyone at Jamf is totally approachable. Everyone I’ve run into who uses Jamf Pro is approachable and wiling to share ideas as well. It’s very collaborative.”

Just point and click

The support of the Jamf team is making it easier for Phil and Rich to support their offices, and provide a seamless behind-the-scenes experience.

According to Rich, “We don’t have to interrupt them while they’re working, or take down a disc, or take full control of their computer. We can have packages ready almost instantaneously. Before, it could take a couple of days for what they asked for, and now it takes a matter of minutes. Just point and click and make your package.”

“Absolutely,” Phil agreed. “Point and click, and you’ve got a group. Point and click again and you’ve got a customized report.”