Basics of Apple Device Management for Small and Medium Business

Everything SMBs need to know about Apple device management

With a renewed focus on mobile devices in the work environment, Apple has become the device of choice in small and medium businesses. From the first iteration of the Mac to the release of the latest iPhone, Apple has a storied history of being consumers’ brand of choice. Recently, businesses of all sizes have started to recognize the value of enabling their employees to do work on the devices they’re already familiar with and using at home. Whether you’re a mobile device management (MDM) rookie about to dive in for the first time or a seasoned IT pro just looking for a refresher on Apple management, this guide is a valuable overview of the power of Jamf Now.

In this guide, we will cover:

  • Mobile Device Management 101 - What is MDM?
  • Leveraging Apple Business Services
  • Complete Device Management - Deployment, Configuration, App Management, Inventory, Security
  • Going beyond the building blocks
  • Getting Started with Jamf Now