Better Together: SAP Chooses Jamf to Manage all Their Apple Devices as an Ecosystem

MINNEAPOLIS – October 23, 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference – SAP (NYSE: SAP), today announced that it chose Jamf, the standard in Apple management, to manage its 17,000 Mac, 83,000 iOS and 170 Apple TV devices. SAP is managing these devices together with Jamf Pro to create a native and integrated IT and user experience across all of its Apple devices.

“The only way to increase productivity at SAP is to increase the productivity of the people,” said Martin Lang, vice president of enterprise mobility, SAP. “With a growing number of SAP employees choosing Apple devices, SAP decided to reorganize its IT teams to create an Apple Center of Excellence team and chose Jamf because of its focus on the user experience. Jamf Pro combined with the Apple@SAP service ensures a consistent experience for Apple users.”

Further, SAP is taking advantage of Jamf’s integration with Microsoft Enterprise Security + Mobility (EMS), which provides an automated compliance management solution for Mac and iOS devices accessing applications set up with Azure AD authentication. Through this collaboration, SAP leverages conditional access to ensure that only trusted users, from compliant devices, using approved apps, are accessing company data. In addition to conditional access, SAP is also taking advantage of Jamf Self Service, which is a self-help destination that gives SAP employees instant access to resources, content and trusted apps through a single click on their Mac or iOS device without IT help.

By choosing to manage devices by ecosystem rather than device type or unified tool, organizations such as SAP optimize all management tasks without compromising their functional benefits:

  • Keep pace with upgrade cycles: Apple, like other technology providers, have regular upgrade cycles for their operating systems, so it is critical from both a security and functionality standpoint to ensure users can upgrade to the latest releases on day-zero.
  • Streamlined workflow for provisioning: With Apple Business Manager, organizations have a single portal to enable zero-touch deployment and volume app distribution for all types of Apple devices. With one best-of-breed Apple MDM solution, linked to Apple Business Manager, the entire provisioning process is streamlined.
  • Consistent user experience: Segmenting Apple devices in separate management solutions forces end users to interact with different apps for Mac and iOS, ultimately creating confusion for where to go for what device. Streamlining ecosystem management with one solution gives users a common app for all Apple platforms. Users gain a consistent experience with Jamf Self Service that has one brand, name, look and feel across both macOS and iOS.

“The uniqueness of each computing device, coupled with distinct methods to provision software and hardware by ecosystem, means there is no effective one-size-fits-all approach to device management,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “Expecting a single tool to support the differentiating characteristics of every platform is unrealistic, especially considering the rate of change and frequent upgrade cycles. Jamf’s focused mission to help organizations succeed with Apple empowers IT departments to best serve their users and empowers users with a consumer experience designed to help them be their best.”

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