Jamf and UC San Diego Health Launch a First-of-its-Kind Patient Experience Project

MINNEAPOLIS – Oct. 19, 2016Jamf, the leader in Apple device management, today announced a collaboration with UC San Diego Health to help carry out its vision of an iPad and Apple TV in all 245 of patient rooms inside the future Jacobs Medical Center. Through modern, easy-to-use technology, UC San Diego Health will streamline communications and engage patients in their healthcare experience to create a better hospital stay.

Using an iPad as the control center of every room allows patients to:

  • Securely access personal medical information and educational materials via the MyChart Bedside app by Epic.
  • Personalize TV and room settings, such as lights and blinds, using the Crestron app.
  • Select and view various entertainment options, such as movies and games.
  • Stay connected to family and friends using FaceTime, Skype, and other social apps.

Jacobs Medical Center, projected to open in late 2016, will leverage Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) to help make this aspiration a reality, improving both the patient experience and hospital efficiency. Specifically, Jamf Pro is used to automatically wipe patient data from each iPad immediately following a patient’s discharge and prepare the iPad for the next patient. Unique to iPad and Jamf Pro, this automated remote wipe and full reset does not require a member of the university’s IT staff to physically touch any device. Jamf Pro communicates with Epic, the electronic health record system in place at UC San Diego Health, to coordinate iPad management with patient records, ensuring that HIPAA privacy is protected at all times.

“Other devices were evaluated, but weren’t easy-to-execute because someone had to physically touch each device to reset it after it was wiped,” said Marc Sylwestrzak, director of IS experience and web services, UC San Diego Health. “This process took 15-20 minutes per device each time we needed to prepare a device for the next patient.”

Patient and IT Experience

Jamf’s integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) gives UC San Diego Health the ability to remotely wipe and re-enroll the device into management without ever touching it.

In addition to providing confidence in the wiping and zero-touch enrollment process, Jamf supports the latest iOS app assignment features and offers concierge-style app installations via its Self Service app catalog. This makes the patient experience seamless because patients can customize their device and simply install the apps they want or need — without having to enter an Apple ID or password. Patients can also view content or engage with apps on their Apple TV managed by Jamf.

As a result of this partnership, UC San Diego Health streamlined their operation and avoided hiring additional staff to manage this technology initiative.

Comments on the News

“UC San Diego Health is a prime example of a hospital leveraging mobile devices to transform what is possible in healthcare,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “By combining the power of Apple, innovative healthcare apps and a robust management solution, hospitals can deliver the safe and secure patient experience we all deserve.”

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