Jamf Launches Setup and Reset Apps to Power Shared-Use Devices for Any Workflow

MINNEAPOLIS – October 24, 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference – Jamf, the standard in Apple ecosystem management, today announced two new apps created to power shared-use deployments – Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset. These apps make it simple to use a single device to support multiple customized use cases, a game-changing ability for IT admins and users across all industries.

Jamf Setup - Easy Configuration by User

iPad and iPhone devices are increasingly being put in the hands of students, employees, patients, customers and guests. By leveraging the power of Jamf Pro, including Smart Groups, Jamf Setup can be used to provision the device for the exact needs of the current user. This includes apps, wallpaper, Home screen layout, restrictions and more. IT admins can then distribute devices and let users configure the devices themselves through Jamf Setup, without interacting with IT. Jamf Setup will then communicate that selection back to Jamf Pro.

Jamf Setup empowers:

  • A shared device for any workflow – Jamf Setup gives a new option between generic configurations and Apple’s Shared iPad. A single device supports multiple customized use cases, and therefore creates a more flexible shared device.
  • User-selected configuration – Jamf Setup creates an intuitive way for end users to receive relevant apps and settings – no IT involvement required.
  • No cart or login needed – Jamf Setup allows for an over-the-air workflow with no need for additional hardware. Users do not need a username or password, software or another directory service. This enables one-time guest use.

“Jamf Setup allows us to get more out of our existing device pool by uniquely serving the needs of each different type of user, while empowering our end users to control their experience – all while lightening the burden placed on our IT team,” said Joost van der Zwaan, ICT solutions architect, Rituals. “For example, our retail supervisors are easily able to get access to different apps than our shift employees, letting us use our devices seamlessly for different roles and different needs.”

Jamf Reset - Reset with Confidence

Jamf Reset enables a simplified and secure reset workflow. After using a device for its intended use, a user can initiate a complete wipe and be confident their data is securely erased. Instead of going deep in the settings menu, users can just select the Jamf Reset app from the Home screen. The device will then be completely reset.

Jamf Reset makes possible:

  • A simplified reset – Jamf Reset does not need additional integrations or warehouse re-provisioning. This workflow is repeatable and reliable.
  • A user-initiated wipe – Jamf Reset empowers users themselves to digitally sanitize devices, with Home screen access to wipe the device.
  • No cart or IT interaction required – Jamf Reset creates an over-the-air workflow with no additional hardware required. Troubleshooting can be done with one tap by resetting the device. This creates a scalable re-provisioning process.

“Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset introduce a new workflow that puts the power in the hands of the end user, a workflow our organization didn’t know we needed until we tried these apps,” said Marc Sylwestrzak, director, IS experience and development, UC San Diego Health Sciences. “Jamf Setup can empower nurses and hospital staff to select their role and share devices easily. These apps open a lot of doors for healthcare organizations.”

“These apps introduce a new paradigm in a shared-device deployment model,” said Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf. “Whether an employee seeking temporary mobility, a shift worker on rotation serving customers, or a guest needing to engage with his host, end users can now receive a customized experience designed specifically for their needs. And, IT administrators have a scalable re-provisioning workflow allowing them to get the most from a smaller pool of devices.”

The Jamf Setup and Reset apps are available only for current Jamf Pro customers and will be available on the App Store.

About Jamf

Jamf is committed to enabling IT to empower end users and bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses, education and government organizations via its Jamf Pro, Jamf Now and Jamf Connect products, and more than 70,000 members of Jamf Nation. Today, over 18,000 global customers rely on Jamf to manage more than 11 million Apple devices. To learn more, visit: https://www.jamf.com.