Advanced API: Examples and Best Practices

In today’s session, Jamf product experts, Tani Kawleit, Doug Rhoten and Brad Becker shared how they see customers using APIs and explained some unique things they’ve built to enhance the user experiences. Additionally, they took a look at when and why it’s important to use different API options.

Doug started off by providing an overview of the Customer API by explaining use cases in the real world, such as updating building and departments. He also offered an example case that determined if devices are managed and using that information to update static groups accordingly, all using scripting and the API. With the Jamf server API, admins are able to leverage the API to: retrieve, add, update and delete data. These commands are standard REST HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE). Detailed documentation and interactive example exercises are provided in every install of the Jamf server. The API information can be found at https://.com:8443/api.