Benefits of Leveraging a Jamf MSP for Your Organization’s Apple Management

This session will focus on a number of areas:

This session will focus on a number of areas: How an MSP can provide Jamf expertise for companies that don’t have a full-time expert as well as how they can augment an already existing team Every organization has created workflows to deploy common software and set up common services. We'll discuss utilizing a MSP with templates prebuilt in these areas that make these tedious tasks turn key How MSPs can provide professional services to meet customer goals Some examples we met: Device Trust using Duo or Okta to enforce employees using personal laptops Migrating away from other MDMs who don’t release the MDM profile without wiping devices True zero-touch deployment strategies that easily scale Creating external automation sources to leverage the API to enforce Apple updates on M1 devices, where built-in automations aren’t possible Discuss Mann’s journey becoming a Jamf MSP and how they were able to build workflows and automations to allow them to scale beyond a handful of Jamf instances