Cleaning Up and Maintaining Jamf After the Previous Admin

How to use a scripted approach to getting all of the information on what your previous Jamf admin did all in one place.

Picture it. You're a new admin in a new environment. You don't have a clear view into what the old admin did. You want to find information about the policies, configuration profiles, packages, scripts and computers. You want a simple way to know what packages, scripts and groups connect to policies. You want a simple way to know what computer and groups connect to Configuration Profiles. You want to see what packages are not being used by any policy or pre-stage policy. You want to see what scripts are not being used by any policy. You want it all in one place to be able to share with management and get feedback and information.

Great news! In this session, I will cover how this is possible, with a scripted approach and the JAMF API using Python. I will discuss a script I built in Python3 that can be run on either Windows or a Mac that has Python3 on the device. I will show the actual time savings by using a scripted approach vs building the data manually through the JAMF GUI.