Customer Success Story: Asmodee

As the single IT employee for Asmodee, a 200-person company that publishes a variety of games for the hobby game market, Nayt recognizes the value of strategic, thoughtful processes. Prior to implementing Jamf, he said the company had 100 macs that were completely unmanaged. No documentation, nothing. Their update rate was a sad 50%. Jamf changed that. They now have 90-98% of the company’s computers updated within a week, instead of six months with their old methods. “I’ve actually had employees buy me a wizard hat, because they just assume there’s some magic happening behind the scenes that keeps their computers updated,” he said. Nayt encourages any organization with more than 10 macs to streamline their workflow and reduce their overhead with Jamf. He said, “It’s completely changed the way I do IT.”