Data Rules Everything Around Me | JNUC 2023

Uncover the potential of Jamf Cloud's API and webhook data in building robust reporting and proactive management strategies for your computing device fleet.

Navigating through the digital cloud requires a fine balance between proactive and reactive strategies, especially when dealing with a fleet of end-user computing devices. This session, led by experts from Snowflake, unveils the potential of leveraging API and webhook data from Jamf Cloud to transcend this challenge. While direct host access might not be a feature of Jamf Cloud or other SaaS offerings, the abundant data from API and webhooks opens a gateway to robust reporting, aiding in a proactive management approach towards your device fleet. Dive into the realm of data models and learn how to integrate this valuable data into data-driven workflows, thus enabling a more structured and informed operational strategy. With insights from Tom Larkin and Nick Kalister from Snowflake, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge to optimally utilize the data assets from Jamf Cloud, steering towards a more data-empowered operational framework.