Education State of the Union | JNUC 2023

Explore Jamf's Education State of the Union at JNUC 2023, highlighting the impact and advancements of Jamf in global educational settings.

The JNUC 2023 session, 'Education State of the Union,' presented by Jamf's team, focused on Jamf's role in advancing education technology. It covered Jamf’s strategy for student success using Apple devices in 40,000 global institutions, emphasizing seamless tech deployment, skill-building, and educational impact. The session included case studies from Taiwan's MoE, Texas A&M University, and Stadt Bremen, showcasing large-scale device management. The talk also introduced the MATTER Innovation hubs and detailed updates for Jamf School, Jamf Pro, and Jamf Safe Internet, highlighting new functionalities and security enhancements for 2023.