From Good to Great: Planning Ahead to Get More Out of Jamf

A lot of organizations we talk to in the Jamf community mention something along the lines of "we know we could do a better job at getting more out of Jamf."

We tend to agree...MDM is a lot like golf...there is always room for improvement. Hoping to get more out of Jamf is not the same as planning to get more out of Jamf however. Putting together a tangible and achievable Jamf success plan for the next 12-months in your organization is a bit of an art and a bit of a science, requiring foresight, cross-team collaboration, and setting 'smart' goals with appropriate milestones along the way.

This session will help demystify the steps needed to take your Apple environment from "good" to "great," and give you a look under the hood at what great success planning looks like so that when your organization is ready to take the next step, you know what to expect.