How to Effectively Deliver Mac Workspaces On Demand, Anywhere

In 2021, MacStadium, like many other companies, was dealing with the global pandemic, supply chain fears and a widely-distributed and isolated workforce. A new business challenge emerged for us to efficiently and effectively provide our customers with the technology they needed, as a cloud provider who delivers an entirely Mac-centric solution.

We had a strong technology stack for the CI/CD space and had done some collaborative work with Jamf around our Orka product to provide virtual machine device enrollment. But now, a broader group of customers were asking for more than CI/CD…they were asking for access to a Mac, anywhere, anytime.

There are several market tools for remote access and connectivity but they all put the burden on the admin to piece the solution together and deliver an easy-to-manage experience for the end user. These typically don’t scale well, add complexity to the remote device management piece and create a lot of integration challenges. MacStadium has worked to bring together offerings in the form of Cloud Access (an HP/Teradici platform) and Orka Workspaces to meet these challenges. Both of these products help deliver remote dedicated Mac environments, managed with MDM tools, to users around the world.

In this session, Chris Chapman (CTO) and Ravi Kumar (Workspaces Sr. Product Manager), who have decades of combined experience in the remote desktop delivery space, will share the journey of delivering a workspace experience that integrates well into the Mac enterprise. They discuss the architecture of remote environments, the challenges, common tools and tricks to navigating delivery, and ultimately how these platforms can work in your IT solution.