HSBC Bank: the importance of trust, JNUC Keynote 2022

The banking industry has unique security, reporting and encryption needs. John Strosahl, Jamf President and COO, interviewed George Kofos, who leads HSBC’s First Line of Defense Cyber team globally for Mac and mobile, and Tarshan Patel, technical product owner and lead engineer for end-user devices for HSBC.

HSBC Bank introduced Jamf five years ago to manage and secure devices without compromising the user experience as the bank grew. It implemented zero-touch deployment two years ago in response to the global pandemic. They now have a few thousand devices with Jamf MDM and using Jamf Connect to stay secure.

HSBC found Jamf vital, particularly in the face of ever-changing threats, in the way that Jamf offers same-day support for macOS versions, keeping their environment more secure: where management meets security. The speed with which Apple releases updates is not there with other OS's. "Pushing updates without compromising user experience is key to our success," said Kofos. "Keeping the estate up-to-date is the best way to ensure that everything is secure."

Patel chose Apple and Jamf for consolidated support, operations, and monitoring that included care for the end-user experience.