It’s not you, it’s me: How to overcome insider threats and protect your data

From accidental data loss to malicious data exfiltration - when it comes to data security, look beyond the high profile news stories about hacking and you’ll find that employees are still your number one threat. Whether your organization needs to protect PII and PHI data to comply with privacy regulations, or you’re looking to protect sensitive company IP, you've likely noticed how the challenges to data protection have grown in recent years.

Changing attitudes towards remote work, data sharing across enterprise collaboration apps, and multi-OS environments, are just some of the factors contributing to a changing security landscape defined by ever-shifting exit points for data. This panel-style session will explore some of the challenges facing organizations like yours, and what you can do to keep sensitive data protected using Device Loss Prevention (DLP) tools and tactics. Effective roll-out tips for a DLP solution Protect sensitive data from loss and exfiltration across macOS endpoints. The importance of zero-day support for Apple users Beyond the perimeter: Extending DLP to your remote workforce How DLP sits alongside your security stack