Jamf and Google: Leveraging BeyondCorp for Zero Trust Across the Entire Apple Ecosystem | JNUC 2023

Explore the advanced features of Jamf Security Cloud in securing endpoints, integrating Jamf Protect with modern security workflows.

Thijs Xhaflaire, a Consulting Engineer at Jamf, presented the enhanced capabilities of Jamf Security Cloud, formerly known as RADAR. The session delved into the evolution of Jamf's security solutions, highlighting the integration of Jamf Protect for comprehensive Apple device security, including support for other platforms. Key features like content filtering, threat defense, and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) were discussed. Additionally, the integration of Jamf Connect into the security framework, offering cloud-based identity and secure access management, was showcased. Xhaflaire demonstrated how these tools work in tandem with compliance workflows, enhancing device security and compliance, particularly in coordination with Microsoft Entra ID and Google Beyond Corp's technologies. This holistic approach combines endpoint security, identity, access, and device management, offering a robust security solution for modern IT infrastructures.