Jamf Protect API 101

Jamf Protect offers an extremely friendly UI to work on and configure the product to fit your organization's needs. But what if you like automation? Or if you would like to extend Jamf Protect capabilities into 3rd party products? What about creating tailor-made workflows to fit your organization's needs?

API comes to the rescue for all of the above and more!

This session will help you understand GraphQL API endpoints, their benefits and some tips and tricks.

Examples will be provided (our GitHub repo) and some basic scripts will be presented.

The aim of this session is to familiarize admins with Jamf Protect's API usage and give some tips on possible workflows/implementations that can be made with the use of it. For example, "I want this alert to come into Slack, but Jamf Protect doesn't integrate with Slack." This is one of the most frequent requests we've seen that can be accomplished with the use of API to build on-demand workflows.