Leadership + IT + Teachers = Success in the classroom

Strategies to bring IT, leadership, teachers and curriculum teams together and how Jamf can help.

A technology plan can only see true success when IT, leadership, teachers and curriculum teams all work together to develop and implement a shared vision.
In this session, we will look at strategies to bring these groups together, how to approach these conversations with a larger team and the role that Jamf can play in those discussions.
We know that just managing the devices and getting them into the hands of users is only part of a successful integration of technology, the other part is how the technology is used in the classroom (in-person or remote) and how users engage with the technology to enhance their learning.
Do teachers feel empowered to use the technology in ways that work for them? Do they have the right tools in place to do so? What are the learning objectives? What are the obstacles? Are they looking to just substitute an iPad for paper and pen or cross the line to truly redefine what learning means?