Hypothesis: Generative AI at Jamf | JNUC 2023

Join Jamf’s exploration of Generative AI and its applications in enhancing Apple device management and security. Discover use cases and proof of concepts.

At JNUC 2023, Jamf showcased its approach to Generative AI, exploring its potential to revolutionize Apple device management and security. The session, led by Akash Kamath and other Jamf Collaboratory members, delved into AI's applications and Jamf’s proof of concepts.

Acknowledging the risks and challenges, such as misinformation and content hallucination associated with AI technologies, Jamf emphasized an intentional and responsible approach. The focus is on harnessing AI to boost productivity and efficiency for both Jamf employees and customers.

One key project is the internal knowledge chatbot, Ask Jamf. This chatbot combines advanced language models with Jamf Pro documentation and insights from Jamf Nation forums, tailored for Apple- and Jamf-specific queries. It was demonstrated at the JNUC event, highlighting both its capabilities and the inherent challenges of AI tools.

Jamf is also integrating AI into its security solutions, particularly within Jamf Protect. A new “hypothesis” feature is being developed, utilizing AI for instant event analysis and telemetry data interpretation. This includes static detection, raw telemetry, and behavioral analytics, offering a comprehensive view of security incidents.

The Jamf team continues to refine these AI-driven solutions, planning for private beta testing and further development. This initiative signifies Jamf's commitment to evolving technology and providing advanced, AI-integrated solutions for device management and security.