Jamf and Okta Device Trust | JNUC 2023

Discover how Okta Device Trust integrates with Jamf for robust Mac management and security, ensuring compliance with Jamf Pro and Okta Verify.

This JNUC 2023 session by Jon Lehtinen of Okta and Sean Rabbitt of Jamf focused on integrating Jamf and Okta Device Trust for Mac management and security. Okta Device Trust ensures user and device verification, crucial for varying device ownership types. Jamf complements this by managing devices and enforcing security policies. Together, they offer phishing-resistant authentication methods like biometrics and multi-factor authentication (MFA), and customizable authentication policies for secure, individual-level access. This integration facilitates a seamless user experience, aligning with zero-trust principles by continuously verifying and managing access based on device compliance and user identity.