QUANTUM LEAP: Using Smart Groups to Migrate Wi-Fi and Certificate Settings on 10,000 Macs | JNUC 2023

Venture into the Quantum Leap project at NBCUniversal, where Bradley Chapman and team transitioned 10,000 Macs to a new Wi-Fi configuration and certificate solution.

Transitioning 10,000 Macs to a new Wi-Fi configuration with zero user impact seemed a tall order until the Quantum Leap project took shape at NBCUniversal. Bradley Chapman and his team set out on an ambitious quest to replace an outdated certificate management solution with a seamless, automatic, and user-friendly alternative using Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). The twist? The new Wi-Fi configuration needed to bear the same SSID, posing a unique challenge. Dive into this session to discover how, with over 100 hours of meticulous testing and collaboration across different teams, they leveraged Jamf Pro's smart groups and an alternate Wi-Fi network to execute a flawless transition. This narrative not only reflects an impressive technical feat but also embodies the ceaseless endeavor to enhance user experience and operational efficiency in a large-scale, diverse Mac ecosystem.