Security Reinvented: Secrid’s Journey with Jamf for Enhanced Endpoint Protection and Data Security

Sander Schram from Secrid shares insights on enhancing endpoint protection and data security with Jamf's Trusted Access comprehensive solutions. Discover Secrid's transformative journey.

Secrid, a Dutch company known for its RFID secured wallets, has been a long-time user of Apple devices and Jamf’s management solutions. Sander shares the company’s evolution in trusted access and security, emphasizing the integration of Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect to manage and authenticate their growing number of Apple devices. The implementation of Jamf Protect followed, offering on-device endpoint protection and filtering malicious websites, a crucial step after experiencing a phishing attack. The company’s move to replace traditional VPN with Jamf Private Access underscores their commitment to robust security. Sander highlights a real-life scenario where Jamf Protect swiftly detected, blocked, and remediated a security incident, underscoring its efficacy. Looking ahead, Secrid is exploring SwiftConnect to enhance the security and flexibility of their access control systems, extending digital protection to their physical spaces.