Jazz Shrimp: Using Slack Workflows to Streamline Jamf Device Management | JNUC 2023

Discover how The Trevor Project utilized Jazz Shrimp, integrating Slack and Okta with Jamf, to automate device management and enhance IT efficiency.

The Trevor Project's session at JNUC revealed their innovative approach to device management through a custom Slack application named Jazz Shrimp. This tool was developed in response to their rapid organizational growth and the increasing complexity of supporting a vast array of software and platforms with limited resources. Jazz Shrimp integrates Slack, Okta, Jamf, Google Workspace, and other APIs to automate various IT tasks, including user off-boarding, password resets, and device management. This solution offers a user-friendly, trust-based system for both the Infrastructure and Help Desk teams, enabling them to perform administrative actions efficiently. Key features of Jazz Shrimp include a Slack API Okta Workflows Connector, Jamf Pro API Okta Workflows Connector, and other custom connectors. This approach allows for streamlined, automated workflows, reducing the need for manual interventions and simplifying processes for IT staff. The session demonstrated how Jazz Shrimp can remotely lock an Apple device with an integrated approval process, illustrating its practical application in device management. The use of Okta workflows offers a no-code/low-code solution that's easy to modify, maintain, and does not require a local development environment. This innovative integration exemplifies how combining multiple technologies can lead to more efficient and scalable IT support, especially crucial for rapidly growing organizations like The Trevor Project.