These are the Bots you’re Looking for | JNUC 2023

Discover innovative ways to automate and enhance workflows using JAWA. Learn from experts about creating memorable and effective automation bots.

The JNUC session led by Chris Ball and Lee Hollik, sales engineers at Jamf, focused on utilizing the Jamf Automation and Webhook Assistant (JAWA) for creating efficient automated workflows. The session, titled "These Are the Bots You're Looking For," aimed to inspire attendees to think about automation in their organizational contexts. The presenters emphasized the potential of JAWA in automating routine tasks and enhancing workflows.

The session began with an analogy to movie-making, likening the creation of automated bots to developing supporting characters in a film. The goal was to encourage attendees to envision automation tasks that could benefit their teams or organizations. Discussion included the integration of various systems like Jamf Pro, Jamf Protect, JAWA, and messaging platforms to create a cohesive automation framework.

One of the key storylines presented was about managing unencrypted USB drives. This involved utilizing Jamf Protect to detect USB events and JAWA to process the data and generate reports. Another scenario explored was the 'Coffee Break' app, an innovative approach to managing operating system updates, allowing users to initiate updates remotely via a user-friendly interface.

Throughout the session, the importance of simplicity in automation was highlighted, along with the potential of using developer tools like web hooks and APIs for enhanced functionality. The presenters also addressed the importance of testing and customizing bots to fit specific organizational needs. The session concluded with an encouragement to embrace automation as a powerful tool to support and optimize IT management tasks.