Turn 1000 clicks into 1 with python-jamf and jctl

Learn what jctl can do for you.

The jctl cli tool interacts with Jamf Pro or Jamf Cloud and allows the administrator to perform repetitive tasks quickly and easily. The python-jamf library simplifies interacting with the Classic API and powers jctl. This session will introduce python-jamf and jctl, give some usage examples, show how it works internally, and show how easy it is to add your own functionality to perform and automate any repetitive and complex task you want. Here are some examples of what jctl can do.

  • List all of your computers: jctl computers
  • Find all computers with "Jamf" in the name: jctl computers -r Jamf
  • Find all policies that are run at startup: jctl policies -s general/trigger_startup==true
  • View all of the policy self service descriptions: jctl policies -p general/name -p self_service/self_service_description -j
  • Change a policy self service description: jctl policies -x "Install Brave" -u self_service/self_service_description="Brave 901.15.99"
  • Delete all computers that have not contacted the server since 2020: jctl computers -d -s general/last_contact_time~=2020