Zero-touch enrollment - a beginner’s case study

Learn how to move from heavy-touch deployment of macOS devices to zero-touch in this case study.

Looking to move to zero-touch enrollment? So was I! Our school district wanted to move from heavy-touch deployment of staff macOS devices to zero-touch. As a beginner, I attended JNUC sessions on zero-touch enrollment and researched the various parts of the process, but I was left with many questions. This session offers a case study on a beginner Jamf admin's journey through the zero-touch enrollment process for Mac OS devices. Topics covered will include planning and implementation of the process, migration of our end-user expectations, changes to our Jamf Pro instance, development of end-user resources to smooth the process, and roadblocks encountered along the way. Jamf admins looking to deploy zero-touch enrollment will gain insights into the entire process and leave the session with greater confidence in their ability to deploy this useful tool.