Crisis Control: Closing security gaps with incident response and recovery

Gaps happen. It's how you respond in moments of crisis that matters—and integrated security solution is the key to your success.

Why? An integrated solution:

  • Provides more comprehensive visibility and control, allowing for quicker detection and response to threats
  • Reduces the risk of security gaps that can occur when juggling multiple systems
  • Streamlines compliance with industry standards, offering a consolidated view for easier identification and resolution of issues

Read our paper to learn about:

  • What the five steps of incident response—preparation, detection, reporting, response and remediation—can teach us about building more robust security strategies to handle and remediate threats efficiently
  • How to develop effective, robust playbooks to handle incident response for varied threats
  • Why understanding the value of assets and assessing the potentiality of threats is paramount to successfully responding to and recovering from security threats
  • Why an integrated approach to management and security, with a purpose-built security solution, is the way to secure your Apple fleet
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