Workplace modernization through purposeful device deployments

Revolutionize your deskless workforce with mobile technology.

Mobility technology in workforces dramatically transforms work by enabling users to be productive in more places than ever. But organizations' needs, users' needs, not to mention customer expectations, need to be met and supported by your mobile technology and solutions. This could mean ensuring devices are shipped, onboarded and operational without IT intervention. Or it could mean securing devices and users in the field, changing networks and accessing your company data and resources. The use cases are varied, and the solutions are customizable.

In this white paper, we will focus on those mobility use cases that involve purpose-deployed devices. We will showcase industries on the bleeding edge of mobile innovation and discuss the challenges various organizations had to overcome to succeed with their workplace changes. Dive in for the following:

  • An overview of the deskless workforce
  • How to optimize deskless device configurations
  • Examples for maximizing your deskless workflows
  • Introduction to incorporating deskless into your organization
  • The Jamf solutions that support the mobile, deskless workforce

Download the white paper to learn more about transforming your mobile, deskless workers.

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