17 sessions posted for JNUC 2017

See what's on tap for the 2017 Jamf Nation User Conference and learn about two new session tracks designed to help you enhance your Apple IT skills.

June 2 2017 by

Sasha Grimm

But don’t worry. There will be plenty more to come. We were simply too excited to share the sessions with you to wait. Plus, we wanted to fill you in on a few important (awesome) enhancements to this year’s Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC).

For starters, our annual October takeover of Minneapolis is shaping up to be our best and largest gathering of Apple IT yet. A quick summary for those who are not in the know, the JNUC is designed to help IT build on their Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV management skills. JNUC takes place on October 24-26, 2017.

With everyone caught up, here’s what’s new:

Two more session tracks
In addition to the community-led sessions that are the backbone of the JNUC and the in-depth Jamf-led product and expert sessions (FYI, we’re adding more in 2017), we’ve added additional session tracks to the agenda — How To and Interactive Labs.

Designed with instructional emphasis, the How To track is for IT admins of all skill levels and aims to enhance the skills needed to be the most successful at managing Apple devices. Interactive Labs are just that, they give you an opportunity for hands-on training with Jamf Pro — the industry standard in Apple device management — and the Apple systems that we integrate with.

Back to the sessions
We’ve posted the first 17 sessions, and as I alluded to earlier, we will have more in the coming weeks. Whether you’re in the enterprise space or education, we have plenty of sessions to please all. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Transforming Healthcare with Apple and Jamf Pro
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Mac in the DoD
  • Apple TV Innovation: Learn What’s Possible
  • CIS: The Ball’s in Your Court
  • Go All in With Apple in the Classroom
  • Security Woes? Now What?
  • The Pains and Possibilities with 1-to-1
  • The Power of Deployment Programs

Are you registered yet?
Fantastic if you are! We have a special prize for you, you’ve already been entered for our Live the Suite Life package where you can win:

  • Free suite at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis for up to three nights
  • Limo pickup from the airport to the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
  • Exclusive welcome basket, including Jamf swag and locally made goodies
  • $250 voucher to the locally acclaimed Parasole Restaurant Group

For those who haven’t registered, what are you waiting for!? Register by June 30 to have your shot at the Suite package and get the best pricing for this can’t-miss event.

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