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A signpost on a mountaintop illustrates that Apple Business Manager directs services from Apple to your MDM.
March 22, 2023 by Hannah Hamilton

Apple Business Manager and device management explained

Businesses are using Apple Business Manager (ABM) with their MDM software to deploy and manage their Apple devices. It can simplify device management, but it can’t do this without a third-party MDM. In this blog, we’ll examine the relationship between ABM and device management.

What is the role of ABM in Apple device management?

Apple Business Manager isn’t a replacement for third-party MDMs. But these are just that: third party. ABM interfaces with your MDM while giving you direct access to Apple services, allowing you to:

  • Deploy iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV without requiring IT to touch the device
  • Automate device enrollment into your MDM with volume purchasing
  • Create Managed Apple IDs specific to your organization
  • Distribute volume-purchased App Store apps

Why you need a device management server

Apple Business Manager makes it simple to enroll devices into your device management server and deploy Apple apps. Many organizations need to have more control of applications, updates, the enrollment process, account management and more— this is where your MDM comes in.

Managed Apple IDs

The ability to create Managed Apple IDs makes Apple Business Manager an especially useful tool. This company-specific managed ID means employees maintain privacy and separation from their personal Apple IDs. Organizations can then take advantage of Apple at Work’s single sign-on capabilities that make access to company apps simpler and more secure.

How to add devices to Apple Business Manager

Apple keeps track of what devices your organization purchases. ABM requires your Apple Customer Number and/or your Apple Authorized Reseller needs to have your Organization ID and their Reseller Number in your account. Your devices need to be assigned to your MDM server in order for the device to be enrolled in your MDM and added to ABM.

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