Benefits of Apple Business Manager and MDM integration

Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a perfect pairing for managing Apple devices in the enterprise.

March 3 2023 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

The tango illustrates the seamless pairing between Apple Business Manager and Jamf MDM.

What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal that works with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to allow IT administrators to deploy iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV and Mac all from one place.

Apple Business Manager automates device enrollment into an MDM using volume purchasing and Managed Apple IDs that eliminate the need for employees to use personal Apple IDs. It simplifies initial device setup while also automating individualized configurations and app installation.

What is an MDM?

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, automates macOS, iOS and Apple TV device management.

An MDM empowers Apple devices to understand and apply settings such as remote wipe or passcode restrictions. Mac administrators use configuration profiles and management commands to send commands, create settings, deploy configurations and enable apps.

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Is Apple Business Manager an MDM? Can I use Apple Business Manager without an MDM?

No. While Apple Business Manager is crucial for Apple device management, it is built not to be used itself, but instead in partnership with an integrated MDM.

How do Apple Business Manager and an MDM work together?

With Apple Business Manager, Apple’s server maintains a constant connection to devices.

Apple Business Manager offers tools for device, app and content management in one accessible portal. A powerful MDM like Jamf Pro uses the portal to personalize devices with the right access, apps and configurations. A Mac administrator creates a managed apple ID for each employee, allowing users to collaborate with Apple apps and services.

With this ID in place, administrators can now safely manage Apple devices wherever employees use them. And with volume purchasing, IT can manage app and content access based on each employee’s needs.

Why should you use Apple Business Manager with an MDM?

Using Apple Business Manager with an MDM gives you more control over device enrollment, app distribution and licenses, network access and account management. That means IT saves time, and employees can do their best work from day one.

An MDM also boosts security as it automates repetitive management tasks and eliminates human error.

Why Jamf?

Jamf's Apple focus means that we also deliver same-day support for every new Apple OS. As soon as Apple updates an OS, Mac admins can deploy it, confident that all updates are current.

Jamf Pro also offers:

If you’d like to find out what Apple Business Manager and one of Jamf’s MDMs can do for you, please contact your Jamf representative or request a free trial.

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