Apple’s “Far Out” event means your OS upgrades are close

Apple's "Far Out" event is in the books, iOS 16 is out and iPadOS 16 is on the way. Are you ready for upgrades season?

September 13 2022 by

Jonathan Locast

Apple’s “Far Out” event kicked off their Fall Special Events and with it came hardware on hardware on ultra hardware. Hardware may have been the start of the show — and its ability to detect and help save lives in an array of threatening situations — but Apple also reveals plenty of software improvements and features that will bring upgrades to the user experience, as Apple continues to make it as seamless as ever.

New hardware announced:

If you caught the event live, or watched the replay, you may have noticed that this first Fall event did not contain any mentions of iPad, as many have become accustomed to. This year, there has been a suggestion that Apple’s announcements surrounding iPad and iPadOS 16 will come in conjunction with a second October event that is likely to discuss Mac as well.

But even without iPad, this event marks a significant time of the year — OS upgrade season. In conjunction with a new range of iPhone and new Apple Watches, comes iOS 16, and soon iPadOS 16. This means it’s time for admins across the world to be thinking about the features that pertain to their device management and security solutions at work. Not only that, but how they are going to support those new operating systems the same day they are released.

A major portion of OS Upgrade preparation is ensuring that your applications and software vendors are offering you a compatible solution. Fortunately for Jamf customers, Jamf prides itself on always being same-day compliant so that users and entire organizations can get their hands on the latest operating systems and security features, the moment Apple releases them.

Read more about same-day compatibility in this release blog.

There are a number of significant new updates and features in this year’s new operating systems including:

Rapid Security Response

This will bring peace of mind to Security and IT teams that can know important security updates are getting to users faster, thus tightening protocols across their organization.

Declarative Device Management

This will revise device management for stakeholders across organizations. It supports modern, complex management strategies; enhances the overall user experience when using managed devices; relieves IT Administrators of performing tedious tasks; and, finally, permits devices to be the operator in their own management state. The new functionality, reintroduced at WWDC 2022, will initially support iOS and iPadOS devices enrolled through user enrollment.

Remote Authentication

The enhancements to Remote Authentication bypasses the need for shared iPads having to remotely authenticate every seven days.

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