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September 30, 2020 by Kathryn Joy

AWS Initiatives and Response to COVID-19

Jake Burns, Enterprise Strategist with Amazon Web Services, joined us to share their AWS initiatives and response to COVID-19, online learning offerings and advanced services that support remote work, easily and securely.

With the global response to COVID-19 requiring investment and attention from all sectors, private and public, government as well as individuals, AWS used their platform and agency to act by launching a $20 million initiative to accelerate COVID-19 diagnostics, research and testing.

Funding is provided to AWS customers working on these areas through AWS in-kind credits and technical support to support this task with the full power of the AWS cloud.

AWS’ response also involves direct partnerships with health organizations — like supporting the World Health Organization’s WHOAcademy app, which aids the WHO’s global pandemic response and has free hosting courtesy of AWS — and the education sector with over 8,000 laptops donated to Seattle Public School families to help close the learning gap that has been amplified by COVID-19’s effect on learning and online access

Organizations have the responsibility to actively respond to our global experience in the wake of crisis, and AWS is continuing this work with access to training, certification and also by continuing to deliver technology solutions to their customers that support end users while protecting and securing users and companies in this new remote workforce landscape — because "the way we work is changing".

It is clear that the changes in enterprise, business, healthcare and education sectors are experiencing are not simply temporary. The waves this global experience has made on all industries can be seen in the agility, adaptive responses and innovation of companies and their workforces. It is shaping the future of work permanently, and we must position technology and solutions to support this future-state workforce.

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Kathryn Joy, Senior Content Strategy Specialist.
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