Manage BYOD Macs with Jamf Pro for Remote Work and Business

Goodpatch busts myths about macOS as an equal choice in organizations, and explains how to use Jamf solutions to overcome challenges in this JNUC 2022 presentation.

October 5 2022 by

Haddayr Copley-Woods

Manage BYOD Macs with Jamf Pro for Remote Work and Business

Goodpatch is an industry leader in digital UI/UX design, including apps and web services. Before COVID-19, Goodpatch launched a new business called "Goodpatch Anywhere” dedicated to remote work. In June 2020, Goodpatch became the first design company to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market.

In order to operate remote work devices efficiently, Goodpatch introduced a bring your own device (BYOD) program and used Jamf Pro BYOD software to centralize Apple device management while protecting privacy and security.

Attendees learned more details from Yusuke Endo, in charge of information systems in the Administration Department, and Keita Saito, the business manager of Goodpatch Anywhere.

A swift timeline

When the organization first got started, Goodpatch had an entirely in-office workforce that they would need to transfer to entirely remote. They had their work cut out for them!

Anywhere hires its employees as contract workers for the first three month contracts before offering full-time employment, and Goodpatch required fast turnaround times in employment contracts can be signed on the same day and operations can begin the next day.

Their need for employees grew quickly when the pandemic began, Goodpatch Anywhere had difficulty getting their hands on inventory.

It was time to consider implementing a BYOD program.

Moving to BYOD Macs

As Goodpatch Anywhere moved ahead, they discovered unexpected benefits of BYOD programs and remote device management:

  • Moving to a fully remote workforce became an investment in corporate growth.
  • The organization now had access to talented designers outside of Tokyo.
  • These designers, many of whom needed high-performance devices for their work, already owned such devices. Using a BYOD program would solve the problem of a limited availability of such devices.

Mac BYOD challenges and Jamf

  • Maintaining employee privacy: Apple and Jamf’s segmenting of BYOD devices prevents the organization from accessing their employees' private information.
  • Protections for corporate data: With Jamf, the organization can enforce administrative privileges on private Macs.
  • Corporate policy enforcement: Often, security policies can be difficult to apply to employee-owned devices. Jamf’s management allowed this enforcement on private devices.


Before introducing BYOD for Macs, they recruited volunteers and conducted a trial to verify the quality of the program. Through this, they were able clarify their policies and respond to concerns.

Employees were also given the option of loaner devices.


  • Growth of Goodpatch Anywhere business to 170 million yen(≒1230417 USD) in sales as of August 2022 and expanded talent pool
  • Reduced device costs
  • Smooth transition to remote work

What BYOD and Jamf taught Goodpatch Anywhere

  • Employee trust in privacy protections is key.
  • Collaboration with the business manager and general affairs produces the best results.
  • Dependable outside assistance from Jamf Japan was crucial.

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