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Trust and transparency are key to successful BYOD programs

CITEworld examines challenges that enterprises and employees face when personal devices are brought into the workplace. 

Ryan Faas recently wrote a great article for CITEworld regarding how Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate owned personally enabled (COPE) programs can be managed more successfully with trust and transparency. The article outlines the challenges that enterprises and employees encounter with the use of personal devices in the workplace. In order to work, trust and transparency are needed to provide balance to the enterprise security that is critical to successful BYOD programs. The enterprise must protect corporate data, while ensuring that the employee also feels personally protected. 

That's why we built the Casper Suite BYOD solution, a lightweight and cost-effective mobile device management option that lets IT enforce data security, ensure user privacy, and accelerate BYOD program adoption. With this solution, specifically designed to support personally-owned iOS and Android devices, users can securely and easily access corporate resources such as e-mail, contacts, calendars, Wi-Fi, and VPN. And IT can only remove corporate data from the device ensuring protection of the user's personal data, including photos and documents.

Learn more about the Casper Suite BYOD solution and read the CITEworld article, "The antidote to shadow IT: Trust and transparency," to keep from “Bringing Your Own Disaster” into your business.

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