BYOD, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bring My Own Device

Do you worry about Big Brother when you think about using your own phone for work? With Apple BYOD and Jamf management, you’ve got no worries!

January 30 2023 by

Nicholas Cassady

It’s 2003, and you’re packing your bag for the day.

You make sure to have all of the essentials:

  1. your MP3 player
  2. your point-and-shoot digital camera with extra SD card (just in case)
  3. your palm digital assistant
  4. your 20-pound laptop
  5. and don’t forget your flip phone!

By the time you jump in the car, you’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink.

Evolve for the modern workplace.

Fast-forward twenty years to 2023 and all of these devices have evolved over time to fit into the palm of your hand in a single device.

However, if you still find yourself carrying around a small army of devices, I’d like you to ask yourself one simple question.


Mobile BYOD is usable, secure, and private.

Holistic BYOD solutions mean you can use personally-owned mobile devices for work. And it assures organizations that those devices are secure and don’t violate personal privacy. Learn more about how it works.

Organizations need to be absolutely sure that their data and resources are secure. That is why MDM with right-side management (management of only the work side of the device) and security built for BYOD are so important. Organizations need to protect themselves from risky apps, and they want to be certain their connections are secure and encrypted.

Okay. But what does Jamf BYOD do for me?

Only everything!

  • When you enroll, your organization can configure your device with everything you need for work. It even automatically sets you up with work apps.
  • You’ll have access to Self Service: Jamf’s vetted app catalog, to choose work apps you need without waiting for IT.
  • Protection from risky apps and secure connectivity to business applications.
  • And then there’s the employee experience — that means your experience — with a phone that just works, without being slowed down or tripped up.

Sounds great, but I don’t need my company tracking me!

That’s the beauty of BYOD with Jamf and Apple. They can’t track you, even if they wanted to.

And companies that choose Apple and Jamf don’t want to. They choose Apple, in part, because Apple is a well-known champion of personal privacy. They choose Jamf because we work with Apple’s privacy and security features to secure company data, configure devices for work and distribute managed apps on the work side of that device.

How does all of this work?

Think of it this way: when you enroll your device, it is effectively split into two. With device partitioning, it has a work side and a personal side. And nary the two shall meet.

  • Your personal information is secured and managed with your own personal Apple ID.
  • Your work information is secured and kept separately with an organization-owned Managed Apple ID.

Your organization can’t see the personal side, plain and simple. It can’t read your text messages, it can’t see the photos you take, it can’t see where you are. It doesn’t know what apps you have installed on the personal side of the partition, and it can’t listen in on phone calls.

Data can’t even be moved from one side to the other. You can’t copy and paste from the work side to the personal side, or vice-versa. That’s for your privacy and to protect your company’s data.

Where do I sign up?

Once your organization develops a BYOD program with Jamf, you control when and if you join BYOD. As the end user, you accept the MDM profile onto your device, and you have the choice to enroll. Account-driven user enrollment means that you can enroll via the settings app. No links, and no phishing vulnerabilities. You can also unenroll whenever you wish — you control that, too.

So, you’re saying I can trust Jamf BYOD?


It really all does come down to trust.

  • Trust that Apple and Jamf will keep you and your information safe.
  • Trust that your company cannot access your personal information.
  • Trust that you are making the right choice for your own productivity.

Use the device you love, with protections you can trust.

Using your own tech can help you be more productive whenever and wherever you would like. And enrolling in BYOD makes that experience secure — and private.

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in.

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