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September 29, 2022 by SHI

How to be the hero in your organization

Learn how to communicate the value of Apple technology, support Mac choice for employees and deliver the best user experience with SHI and Jamf.

As a Mac admin you’re passionate about what you do, the technology you use, and the users you support. And yet, you’re often sidelined within your organization and expected to have a breadth of knowledge and skills that your Windows admin colleagues don’t need.

The good news is SHI is here to help. Combined with JAMF’s capabilities that provide seamless integration into your Windows environment which allow you to automate, streamline and enforce governance, SHI can be your secret weapon in the battle for Mac equality. We can provide you with services that allow you to keep the day-to-day administration up and running. Services like zero-touch deployment, device as a service, asset recovery, and a range of configuration and deployment solutions delivered from our state-of-the-art integration centers allow you to focus on where you really bring value: knowing your business and your users.

It’s your business knowledge and Mac expertise that allows you to help users achieve their objectives, work more effectively, be more productive and be more successful. You should be focused on understanding what they need to get their job done, making sure that they have the right hardware, software, services, and access —including corporate access and use parity with their Windows-using colleagues— and to be able to get things done.

Check out the JNUC session “How Mac Admins Can Rise Above Chip Shortages to Bring Power to Their Users” for insight from Bryan O’Neill of SHI International Corp into how SHI can help free you from the mundane and repetitive, enabling you to focus on making your business succeed.

However, it’s not enough to keep your users happy and productive – you need to make sure they understand the value that you’re bringing to the organization. You know what they say – no one notices IT when things are working, only when they break. If things aren’t broken, your stakeholders might not notice you. They might notice that Mac users are happier than Windows users, but they don’t necessarily associate that with the service you’re providing – they might just think that it’s down to the technology.

You need to be able to articulate how YOU are contributing that value to the organization. Learn how to communicate what you’re doing and how successful you are. In the JNUC session, “The Art of Persuasion: How to Convince Your Crewe that Mac as a Choice Rules,” Kevin English and Victoria Barber of SHI International Group deliver insight and advice to help you understand how to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders and business leaders about the value that you, as a Mac admin, and Apple technology bring to the organization.

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