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September 21, 2023 by Jesus Vigo

Holistic Apple Endpoint Security

Understand the correlations between the threat landscape and how threat actors are leveraging attacks to target Mac. In this JNUC 2023 presentation, Matt Taylor, Product Manager at Jamf, discusses his findings and how a management-led, endpoint security approach can be a powerful ally to mitigate incidents by reducing the attack surface of your endpoints.

Taylor has been analyzing the threat landscape over the last year for macOS and has gained great insight as to:

  • Which threats are most common
  • How attacks are being used by threat actors
  • How these attacks have matured

But most importantly, what you can do to protect organizational devices, users and resources by mitigating risk through minimizing the attack surface and fortifying the device’s security posture.

Jamf Threat Labs (JTL)

The JTL is Jamf’s very own group dedicated to threat-hunting and analysis. It’s comprised of experts from various fields of cybersecurity, such as:

  • Pentesting
  • Threat researchers
  • Data scientists
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Network monitoring
  • App risk assessors

Combined with Jamf’s very own machine learning (ML) engine MI:RIAM — plus over 20 years of experience — to form a team whose knowledge base spans across the entire Apple ecosystem to hunt for and eliminate threats.

Mac threat landscape

A 12-month review showed a reduction of malware infections by 30%. Some critical year-to-date information:

  • 456 Apple endpoint security vulnerabilities were disclosed
  • 9 zero-day vulnerabilities were known to be exploited
  • Known vulnerabilities were a key attack vector

Malicious advertising remains the top threat, often downloaded as part of an infected bundle or malicious software from a compromised website. The fifth top threat is attributed to supply-chain attacks, which is notable as this marks the first time this threat category makes the top ten threats list for Mac. Interestingly, while Mac infection rates remained the same as in 2021, the spread of infection was notably wider-reaching, an indicator that malicious threats are growing more mature as they diversify.

Jamf Trusted Access

The comprehensive solution that melds:

  • Jamf Pro (management)
  • Jamf Connect (identity)
  • Jamf Protect (security)

To achieve a holistic level of protection that extends across your Apple device fleet, including support for Android and Windows devices, to keep your infrastructure safeguarded from an ever-changing threat landscape with a defense-in-depth strategy.

Register for JNUC to access this session as well as others on demand.

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