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January 26, 2018 by Charles Edge

Five ways your organization can partner with Jamf

If you help customers purchase, implement and/or manage Apple devices with Jamf Pro, we have a partner program with your name on it.

Jamf is investing more resources than ever into the success of our partners. We now have a variety of programs spread across the company to help organizations succeed with Apple and Jamf together. So, if you help customers purchase, implement and/or manage Apple devices with Jamf Pro, we have a partner program with your name on it.

Jamf Consultants
This is the simplest way to work with Jamf. Jamf Consultants engage with customers directly to help those customers implement and manage Jamf solutions. With at least one official Jamf certification, Jamf Consultants allow our account teams to help our customers find assistance with our products when needed. If you have at least one person with a Jamf certification, you can be listed at https://marketplace.jamf.com/apps/. To claim your listing, simply go to https://marketplace.jamf.com and click on “Submit Your App or Consultancy”.

Jamf Integrator
Jamf JumpStart Integrators are qualified subcontractors. Jamf sends Integrators to deliver JumpStarts to customers which are performed on behalf of Jamf. Integrators require a current Jamf 300 level certification and must be approved to deliver JumpStart training by the Integrators team at Jamf. For more on becoming an Integrator, see https://www.jamf.com/community/partners/integrators/.

Jamf Resellers
Jamf Resellers can officially sell Jamf products. We provide resellers with deal registration and enablement resources. For more on joining our channel of resellers, see https://www.jamf.com/community/partners/resellers/.

Jamf Developers
Jamf Developers write solutions that integrate with Jamf Pro. For more on joining the Jamf Developer Program, see https://www.jamf.com/community/developer-program/. Once you have a working solution, we help you market it with the Jamf Marketplace at https://marketplace.jamf.com.

Jamf Managed Services Provider
There are a number of organizations using Jamf to provide the best possible outsourced support to their customers. If you are a Managed Services Provider, Jamf wants to help you be successful and efficient. See https://www.jamf.com/contact/ to become an official Managed Services Provider.

Overall, Jamf succeeds by helping you succeed. If you would like to get more involved with us, we’d love to have you. So feel free to reach out. And if you would like to partner with us in a way that isn’t listed here, feel free to get in touch with me directly at charles.edge@jamf.com!

Charles Edge
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