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January 20, 2021 by Iván Argüelles, Yann Palacios and Manuel Cerillo

Global sites for streamlined Mac management

Global financial group, BBVA, shares their Apple Enterprise Management story.

Within the same organization, there are often different needs based on user, role and geography. This is certainly the case for us at BBVA, a Global financial group founded in 1847 who helps close to 80 million customers. BBVA has a strong leadership position in the Spanish market, is the largest financial institution in Mexico, and has leading franchises in South America. It is also the leading shareholder in Garanti, Turkey’s biggest bank by market capitalization.

BBVA has more than 124,000 employees in over 30 countries around the world, and as Global Workplace Architects and Apple Technical Leaders at BBVA, it’s our responsibility to ensure every employee in every country is empowered with the best technology to do their best work.

Apple Enterprise Management at BBVA

Knowing that BBVA has a dispersed employee base, remote device Apple management for Mac was a necessity. Additionally, our team required a single pane of view to be able to maintain accurate inventory on Mac hardware and software at all times to ensure compliance and security measurements remained in place – a must in the highly regulated financial landscape.

Jamf’s history with Apple and its ability to seamlessly integrate with Apple deployment programs, such as Apple Business Manager, made it the obvious choice for our fleet of Mac.

Sites to empower global employees

BBVA has a Jamf administrator and a Jamf site in every country to manage employee Mac hardware. Mac are now automatically enrolled into device management via Jamf’s integration with Apple Business Manager. This allows for each country to remotely deploy and manage their hardware, plus meet the unique needs of users.

While working within a site has advantages, it can also lead to duplicative work. To ensure that’s not the case, BBVA has a global Jamf administrator who can push policies to all devices or make applications available in Jamf Self Service (an on-demand app store) for employees to access on their own.

The inventory within Jamf Pro — the standard in Apple Enterprise Management — has provided our global security team with a baseline and allows them to view all computers enrolled in Jamf Pro and their security status to correct any discrepancies immediately.

Scripts and policies can also be shared by and to country-specific admins to streamline workflows and allow pre-populated work to be leveraged at will.

From the global site, administrative roles and global policies are defined and from there, country-specific admins can empower their users as necessary.

Future of technology at BBVA

Thanks to Jamf and Apple Business Manager, we can ship devices to remote employees and the device is automatically configured when turned on. Most importantly, we have enforced a policy where we define in advance which employee can initiate a Mac enrollment. So in the event a Mac is lost, no one can even try to enroll it in our Jamf instance.

We now have the tools needed to rollout a full employee-choice program where users can choose to leverage a Mac or PC for working purposes. With Jamf, these Mac will be connected to resources, properly managed and protected against Mac-specific threats.

Jamf allows us to prove the pieces are in place so all of us know we can scale our Mac fleet with confidence.

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Iván Argüelles, Yann Palacios and Manuel Cerillo
BBVA, Architecture and Global Deployment-Workplace
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