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March 14, 2023 by Hannah Hamilton

Jamf After Dark: Current Mobile Security Landscape

In the most recent episode of Jamf After Dark, co-hosts Kat Garbis, senior channel program Manager, and Sean Rabbitt, senior consulting engineer, Identity, discuss the current mobile security landscape with Jamf security experts Michael Covington, Garry Scotts and Suzan Sakarya.

To begin, Covington, Scotts and Sakarya discuss rising cybersecurity trends in the current market. These trends hinge on the prioritization of mobile work where IT and Security teams are being forced to provide user-centered access to company resources without the protections of a company network perimeter. This has led to:

  • A blurring of business and personal boundaries on mobile devices
  • A change in focus toward mobile security
  • A shift in the allocation of mobile devices to a different set of workers
  • An increase in access of confidential data leading to innovation in mobile technology

While many of the same strategies for computer security apply to mobile security, mobile device security incites more considerations:

  • Threat actors have more success on mobile devices because of the size and “on-the-go” usage of these devices
  • Traditional malware is a different experience on mobile devices, but users remain a significant vulnerability for all devices
  • Mobile devices are sometimes perceived as more secure, but still need to be patched and updated to ensure security

Hence, mobile device security requires multiple layers of protection, from user awareness to update policies and beyond.

The group proceeds to talk about how organizations can approach mobile security. When using managed mobile devices, organizations should consider partitioning the devices into “work” and “personal” partitions to separate company and personal data. This ensures that corporate information is kept secured and that personal data is kept private. Additional approaches are discussed, including:

  • Achieving transparency into your devices
  • Keeping devices in compliance
  • Meeting industry benchmarks
  • Consolidating management and security platforms

This episode concludes with discussions about how the Jamf platform can provide mobile device management and security for iOS, iPadOS and Android devices.

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