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November 3, 2023 by Hannah Hamilton

Jamf After Dark: Jamf Pro 11, JNUC and IT horror stories

For the first time, Jamf After Dark is live at the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC)! In this blog, we’ll recap the episode’s talk of Jamf Pro 11 and JNUC, and get a glimpse of IT horror stories.

Jamf After Dark is live at JNUC! Jamfs Katie English, Director, Product Strategy and Henry Patel, Chief Strategy Officer, join co-hosts Sean Rabbitt and Kat Garbis to share their insights about JNUC and the Jamf Platform.

Jamf platform updates

At JNUC, we introduced Jamf Pro 11, encouraging customers to join the beta program and provide feedback on the release. This upgrade features a brand new interface and sets a precedent for long-term success for usability and accessibility, to be carried over into other products in the Jamf platform. Beyond the new look, Jamf Pro 11 offers managed software updates powered by Declarative Device Management (DDM), support for account-driven device enrollment for iOS/iPadOS 17, inventory collection improvements and more. As English says, DDM indicates a “maturation of the entire protocol” behind mobile device management (MDM), giving admins the tools they need to improve their management experience.

Read our blog to learn more.

Jamf also supports Return to Service, helping the devices frontline workers use stay up and running and ready for use. It’s no longer required to have someone input a Wi-Fi password after the device is wiped — instead, a Wi-Fi profile is installed and the device is automatically reenrolled into your MDM.

The group also talks about Jamf Executive Threat Protection (JETP) — highly valuable targets like executives or government officials may deal with targeted threats on their devices. JETP collects more telemetry on a device to inspect if there is a threat, looking at source data and breadcrumbs to see where the threat originated. In other words, it’s a forensics tool with built-in remediation abilities, expanding on features like Apple’s Lockdown Mode.

JNUC and IT horror stories

Attendees at JNUC were able to take advantage of these updates to Jamf with a free trial to all Jamf products, giving them the opportunity to have the Trusted Access experience. English and Patel offered JNUC session recommendations:

These sessions and more are available online for registered attendees!

To close the episode, the speakers and audience members offered some IT horror stories! Listen to the episode to hear more about:

  • Finally getting users’ iPhones into Jamf Cloud by accidentally yanking everyone’s email from their phones
  • A disappearing antagonistic district technology coordinator at a large school district and plain text passwords in a text message
  • Setting up iPads in a New York City supply closet
  • Deploying text messages complaining about your boss to your coworkers

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